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FAQ's about Courteous Canines, LLC

boston terrier

Do you board, pet-sit, groom, or walk dogs?
No, I do not offer those services.

Can I send my dog to live with you for a few weeks so that you can return him to me trained?
No. My job is to teach you to understand how your dog thinks and learns so that you can teach him yourself. Training isn't something you do TO a dog. It's a matter of forming a relationship with your dog as you shape behavior. It's all about the bond between you and your dog, not somebody else and your dog.

Do you sell puppies?
No. My dogs are neutered, and I like it that way.

Will you hire me?
No. You are likely to find that most trainers would rather hire someone who they already know and feel comfortable with than someone they have never met nor seen work with dogs.

Will you teach me to become a dog trainer?
No. If you'd like to become a dog trainer, the traditional route is through a mentoring relationship with a professional under whom you train. In other words, get out there with your own dog(s) and take classes. Offer to do grunt work for free so that you can learn through observing a seasoned instructor. Read everything you can get your hands on. Join a professional organization like the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Attend seminars and workshops. Remain humble and willing to learn. Good luck.

My dog bites, and I can't keep him. Do you want him?
Absolutely not.

Are you related to Harry Connick, Jr?
No. If you heard me try to sing, you'd have no doubt.

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