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Agnes the Scottish Terrier
has found a new home.

A friend of mine e-mailed me information about a little Scottie who needed to find a new home. As a dedicated animal lover, I did what most of us do every day of our lives... I turned away. I promptly deleted the e-mail in the hope that "somebody else" would step in and look out for this dog.

Undeterred, and knowing that I'm a sucker of the first rate, my friend re-sent me the mail two more times. I forwarded it to the relevant rescue people... and then I broke down and started making phone calls. Within a few hours, I had an old, plump Scottie with bad teeth sitting in the back of my car. I don't have the ability to keep another dog on top of my pack of 4, so my job was to provide temporary housing for Agnes until she could find a permanent new home.

It's not easy to find homes for dogs beyond the cute puppy stage, and without the internet, it would have been that much more difficult. Fortunately there is a small but dedicated force of Scottie lovers online. Internet groups like Angel Scots, Scotty Lovers, and Cyberscots spread the word about Agnes. Northeastern Boxer rescue even posted her photo and information. Soon I was deluged with inquiries about Agnes, and I was able to quickly match her with a wonderful new home.

Agnes is now living in her new home in Beaver, PA. Many thanks to everyone who helped little Agnes find a new family to cherish her. And good luck to Dan and Wendy on their new acquisition!

I must admit that I'd grown attached to Agnes in the brief time she was with me. I took her everywhere, and she settled to my home agreeably like many older dogs will. In spite of the huge upheaval in her life, she was a confident, happy little dog, and it was fun to have her around.

The original information that I posted about Agnes remains below, along with the photos that I took of her while I was fostering her. Keep in mind that older dogs often make excellent pets and are often readily available for adoption. Agnes is a prime example. Even if she can't inspire you to adopt an older dog, consider opening your home to a foster dog from time to time. Most rescue groups desperately need temporary home-settings for dogs in limbo, and older rescue dogs are often well-mannered and pleasant houseguests.

CLICK for August 2001 UPDATE

Agnes on June 7, 2001 - on the way to her new home (Click on any image to see the full-size version in a new window)

Agnes Agnes Agnes Agnes
Agnes Agnes Agnes Agnes
Agnes Agnes Agnes Agnes

Agnes on June 1, 2001
(Click on any image to see the full-size version in a new window)

Agnes Agnes Agnes Agnes
Agnes Agnes Agnes Agnes
Agnes Agnes Agnes

Agnes on May 30, 2001
(Click on any image to see the full-size version in a new window)

Agnes Agnes Agnes
Agnes Agnes Agnes

May 29, 2001 - Agnes's Story
Agnes the Scottie is looking for a home.

Agnes will turn 9 years old later this year. She's a spayed female Scottish Terrier, up-to-date on vaccinations and healthy. Although she's plump, she's active, inquisitive, and happy. Unlike many Scotties, she is openly friendly to every stranger she meets, and she has no attitude problems with other dogs.

She is housebroken, well behaved, and would make a great pet for almost anyone. She's had lifelong dental issues (gum disease in her youth), so she requires special (t/d) dog food. Otherwise there don't appear to be any health, behavioral, or other issues with this dog.

Agnes lived happily with another female Scottie for years. She got along with her family's grandchildren, but the youngest grandchild developed an allergy to Agnes's coat. That's the reason little Agnes lost her home. She went to live briefly with another family, but they were unable to cope with her serious grieving, so they returned her to the original home.

She is being fostered currently in a home in lower New York with another Scottie and 3 Boxers, and we're just getting to know her. She rides well in the car and enjoys being part of things. She appears to be a happy little trooper with lots of mileage left, and I'm sure that whoever ends up with her with be delighted to have her in their lives.

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