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Book Review
Dogs: Homoeopathic Remedies
by George MacLeod

Review by: Kate Connick, July 2005

I'm not entirely sure how Dogs: Homoeopathic Remedies by British veterinarian, George MacLeod, ended up on my bookshelf. The back cover proclaims Dr. MacLeod as, "one of the world's foremost authorities on the homoeopathic treatment of animals. He is one of the few veterinary surgeons to use homoeopathic medicines wholly and exclusively." And thankfully.

As I prefer science to voodoo, homeopathic hoo-ha isn't high on my list of must-reads. I suppose I mail ordered this book in an effort to find something that might challenge my belief that homeopathy is silliness. I'm still looking.

While this book might be perceived as an invaluable reference for those wildly into homeopathy, it offers absolutely nothing for the uninitiated or unimpressed. The book is, quite literally, nothing more than a catalog of homeopathic treatments, organized by organ system and specific disorder.

For example, the chapter discussing ear diseases briefly offers description, etiology, and clinical signs for otitis externa (ear infection). It then lists treatments that include:

"...BELLADONNA. 30c. An excellent remedy also in the early stage when the ear is hot, throbbing and swollen... MERCURIUS SOLUBLIS. 30c. A useful remedy when early changes have given way to the suppurative stage, with the production of a greenish discharge. A heavy musty smell is present..."

The entire, 158-page book takes that format, so it's neither cover-to-cover reading, nor is it informative in any sort of insightful way. It's essentially a recipe book. There is a good index, and the format is very clear and easy on the eye. Capitalization, boldface, and white space are used to best effect to make everything very easy to find and follow.

When it comes right down to it, the real problem is content, per se. I enjoy mocking homeopathy, because I always receive an avalanche of hate mail from zealots whose feelings become hurt. The bottom line is that you either buy into this stuff, or you don't. If you think homeopathy is real medicine, this book is probably a must for your bookshelf. If you believe in science and real medicine, don't waste your time.

For a bit more information about homeopathy, try these links:


Dogs: Homoeopathic Remedies by George MacLeod
Published by C.W. Daniel Company, 1991. ISBN: 085207218X

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