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Dempsey the boxerphoto album

Some photos of Dempsey through the years:
(Click on any image to view larger version in a new window. Hold mouse over photo thumbnails for description of photo.)

Dempsey in 1992.  He had a big pink patch on his snout when he was young, making it look like his tongue was sticking out. Dempsey in March 1992 when I first got him, shown with Toasty. Dempsey pulling Toasty in his cart. Dempsey with basketball
Dempsey playing with Murphy the Bernese Mountain dog Dempsey playing with Murphy the Bernese Mountain dog Dempsey pulling candy-filled cart at Halloween Dempsey
Dempsey at Halloween, dressed as a bumblebee Dempsey the therapy dog Dempsey with pretty blonde, Lily Jane the Labrador Dempsey looking pensive.  This photo appeared on a DogADay calendar
Dempsey with snow on his head Dempsey playing with Sporty the Dalmatian Dempsey and Pete Dempsey and gang at Christmas 1997
Dempsey lying down one of Dempsey's surgeries (for mass removal and biopsy), with drains put in after incision was having trouble healing me and Dempsey Dempsey standing
Dempsey and Kirby bulldog Dempsey sitting Dempsey playing with Pete Dempsey
Dempsey in the pool Dempsey Dempsey in the snow Dempsey with Toasty and Windsor the Springer
Dempsey Dempsey and Pete playing Dempsey and Pete resting Dempsey play bowing to Pete
Dempsey shortly after I brought him home Dempsey and Toasty, best friends Toasty with a mouthful of Dempsey Dempsey pulling cart

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