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spud Spud the Cesky Terrier

Spud is a Cesky terrier. If you don't know what a Cesky Terrier is, don't feel bad. Most people who meet Spud think that he's either a Scottie or a Schnauzer. In a nutshell, Ceskies are energetic terriers with soft coats and big appetites!

Spud was born on April 5, 2002 into the home of Michael and Valerie Barnes of Chalma Cesky Terriers in Ontario, Canada. He was one of seven puppies, 4 females and 3 males. His parents are Barnaby and Anicka, more formally referred to as Canadian Ch. Alchemy Milenka's Baron Chalma and Canadian Ch. Anicka of the Porkwood Heath. They are pictured below (click the images to see larger versions in a new window):

Barnaby, Spud's dad Anicka, Spud's mom

Anicka and Barnaby, Spud's parents

Spud's sister Avery remains at home with Mike & Val. Another three siblings - Simon, Anton & Willow - joined new families in Ontario. The remaining three crossed the border and now live in the United States: Spud in New York, Chloe in Florida, and Socks in Washington state. Spud's family is a bit like my own; I'm the youngest of seven and have siblings in Florida and Washington, too. I'm not Canadian, however. Spud is quite true to his Canadian roots; he eats maple trees given any opportunity!

Visit Spud's photo album to see the little guy's antics. See his pedigree.

Learn more about Cesky terriers by visiting my Cesky Terrier links. If you have any questions about Ceskies, you can email Spud. He's not a very good typist, but he tries.

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