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Also available, the Agility Store and the Dog Music Store.

Due to repeated requests, I now sell the following products. Click on any picture for more information about that item.

6-foot black cotton web training leash plush holstein cow ring toy plush platypus ring toy plush squeaking toucan
plush squeaking rhino plush squeaking cow soft frisbee plush grunting lion
6 1/2 inch pressed rawhide bone 6-7 inch knotted rawhide bone pig ears Gentle Leader head-halter

Unfortunately, supplies are limited. With the exception of dog music cd's, I do not mail orders, so items are only available locally as a courtesy to my students and clients. Please telephone or email me to arrange for pick-up of your items. I accept cash, checks, or PayPal transactions. If you have any suggestions or requests for new items, feel free to email me.

Thank you for visiting!

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