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Agility Store

A friend and I initially began making agility equipment for my own use, but word got out, and others wanted us to make obstacles for them as well. We now offer for sale a variety of made-to-order agility equipment. Everything can be customized to your specific requests.

Click on any picture for more information about that item.

bar jump wing jump tire jump
bar jump wing jump tire jump
weave poles, tilting weave poles, in-ground pause table
tilting weaves stick-in weaves table
see saw dog walk A-frame
see saw dog walk A-frame

As I do not mail orders, agility items are only available locally. Please telephone or email me to arrange for pick-up of your agility equipment. I accept cash, checks, or PayPal transactions. If you have any specialized needs, feel free to email me, and I'll see if it's possible to accomodate your request.

Thank you for visiting!

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