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Rawhide Bones

6 1/2 inch pressed rawhide bone 6-7 inch knotted rawhide bone

Rawhide is one of those items that people either boycott altogether or can't get enough of. My dogs and I are in the latter camp. Rawhide bones are indispensible for young dogs and robust chewers. I offer a 6 1/2" pressed rawhide bone or a 6-7" knotted rawhide bone, which is what I offer my 20-70 pound dogs.

Note: There is a choking risk with any rawhide product, so be sensible and only give your dog rawhide when you're home to supervise. When the bone gets too small, replace it with a new bone to minimize the risk of your dog gagging. Used sensibly, there is no reason to fear rawhide.

$ 1.00 plus NY sales tax

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