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musician Heather T Strong Dog Music Store

Available now! Original music cds about dogs. Warm, witty, moving, humorous, and fun, these cds celebrate dogs and the pet-owner bond. Songs are a collaboration of Heather T. Strong (composing & performing music, and singing) and Kate Connick (writing lyrics).

  • Boxer Songs - the ultimate gift for the Boxer dog lover who has it all. (10 songs, 50 minutes long)
  • Canine Water Songs - celebrates dogs that love to swim, inspired by Deborah Lee Miller-Riley's Canine Water Sports. (5 songs, 24 minutes long)
  • Golden Retriever Songs - that special something for the Golden Retriever lover. (10 songs, 41 minutes long)
  • Scottish Terrier Songs - a must for anyone who loves Scottie dogs. (10 songs, 40 minutes long)
  • More coming soon.

Visit Soundclick to listen to the songs online.

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